Liberty Swim School




This Award Scheme is primarily designed to introduce very young children and an accompanying adult to the pleasures of being in the water. These Awards have been specifically developed to support the Foundation Level of the National Plan for Teaching Swimming, but will also complement other adult and child schemes.



This range of awards has been designed to work in conjunction with the National Plan for Teaching Swimming. Currently there are 12 ASA National Swim Awards, two for each of 6 Development Phases. Within each Phase there are 10 stages to be covered, with an Award issued approximately half way through these stages, as well as upon completion. For each award to be issued, the participant will be required to perform 8 of 10 designated skills, competently and with high reliability.



This comprehensive collection of distance awards ranges from 5 metres through to 5,000 metres. Older children and adults may be better suited to the Adult Distance Awards, or in some cases you may find that the Blank Certificates are more appropriate.


FAQ's Must they be swum in good style?

It is arguable whether the lower distance awards should be swum in 'good style', all the better if they are, but the aim of this scheme, is to motivate children/individuals towards swimming longer distances in a stress free manner. However, for distances of 25 metres and above the strokes should be easily recognisable as one of the four main competitive strokes, though need not meet the standards demanded by ASA law. The greater the distance, the higher the standard of technique should be expected.


Can these awards be swum totally in shallow water?

It is preferable that for distances of 50 metres and above part of the swim is in deep water. PLEASE NOTE: These awards do not necessarily ensure that a child is safe in deep water!