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Are all of your teachers qualified?

All of our teachers have an Amateur Swimming Association Teaching Qualification.


May my child have to repeat a class?

Yes pupils sometimes have to repeat a Learn to Swim level a number of times. Unless it is deemed safe for the child to progress and that the child will cope with the practices given in the next level, the child will not move on.


Why did my child hardly swim during their lesson?

The pupils may on occasion, particularly early on in a block, do a lot of water confidence skills therefore may only do only a few breadths or lengths. This does not mean they are not learning or the teacher is not working them hard enough.


What happens if there is no space in the next class?

If there is no space in the next level for the pupil to move onto they will stay on in the same level until a space becomes available. If the parent decides this is not worthwhile (although we assure you it is better to continue in the same class to maintain the level achieved) the child’s name will be placed on the priority waiting list until a space becomes available.


Why isn’t my child moving on like the other children?

As you are well aware children develop at different rates and in swimming skills this is no different. Your child may well progress at a different rate to a child of the same age.



• It is a good idea to purchase goggles as they help provide water confidence and pupils are generally happier to open their eyes under the water with them on.

• If the pupil has long hair it is best to tie it back so that it doesn’t interfere with the pupils stroke or breathing.

• Do not eat a large meal within 2 hours of the beginning the lesson.

• The more experience the child receives in a water environment the better both for learning skills and the gaining of confidence. So please  

   encourage your child to visit the swimming pool as often as possible in between Learn to Swim classes.



It is hoped that all participants will improve throughout the programme of lessons, improvement cannot be guaranteed, as all learners are individuals with their own level of ability and experience. The lessons are undertaken with no guarantee of improvement.

When re-booking lessons payment must be received before the lesson block starts or the place will be offered to someone else. Limited places are available each year, so book now to guarantee your place



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Swimming Lessons - Parents Common Queries Answered