Liberty Swim School

Health & Safety Statement

Liberty School does not own or manage any facilities or premises, but is wholly committed to providing a safe and healthy environment at its sites for the benefit of its staff, & customers by achieving high standards of health & safety in its operations.



By working in conjunction with those who hire the facilities to Liberty Swim School we will, so far as reasonably practicable:


• Establish, maintain and review health & safety standards through the process of risk assessment.

• Ensure that the premises are without risk to those who use them.

• Provide safe systems of work for all employees.

• Make suitable arrangements for welfare facilities in the workplace.



Liberty Swim School works to achieve the involvement of its entire staff in fulfilling this commitment through training, supervision and consultation at all levels.


We will provide:


• Appropriate resources.

• Suitable induction and continuing training.

• Instruction and information to all team members.

• Opportunities for all team members to contribute to hazard identification and rectification.

• Means to develop a safety culture in which all staff recognise their obligation to safeguard themselves and others, participate fully in training, and not to misuse anything provided in the interests of health & safety.

• Consultation mechanisms through which all team members can become involved in the development of health & safety.